COCA: Centre of Contemporary Art

June 2014

Massive excavation work – preparation for new foundations


The Centre of Contemporary Art (COCA ) Gallery has been closed since the earthquake on the 22nd
of February 2011. 

Repairs and Structural upgrading

The repair and seismic strengthening of the main gallery building is currently underway with forecasted completion in November this year.  The rear 100m2 addition has now been demolished.  Design work is
due to commence shortly for the replacement addition. Mid-2015 is currently the target reopening date for
the Centre of Contemporary Art.
We are particularly grateful for the generous support we have received from the Lottery Grants Board, the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust, the Canterbury Community Trust, the Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Building Trust, Sir Miles Warren and the many businesses who have supported by way of in-kind donations. 


What happens next?

The CSA Trust has developed a clear plan for the Centre of Contemporary Art that will see it making a unique contribution to the cultural life of Christchurch by presenting contemporary art programmes that enrich and strengthen our community. To this end, we have identified the purpose of the Gallery as “Sharing stimulating art experiences that engage people in conversations about contemporary life and culture.” 
The following core strategies will help to realise this vision:

  • Collaborating with the creative community to co-create and present stimulating programmes
    of contemporary art
  • Increasing the active participation and engagement of local, national and international audiences
  • Connecting COCA with the life, character and spirit of Christchurch city
  • Building a sustainable organisation.

The CSA Trust is excited to announce its intention to put in place a curatorium of recognised and established curators to help select, and later to support, the Gallery’s director.  The establishment of a curatorium will ensure a collaborative and robust approach to programming is taken and energising programmes result.  
The ground floor of the Gallery will be leased.   The rental income will cover the costs associated with the operating expenses and maintenance of the building. For many years the Trust struggled to raise money
to maintain the building and was often focused on fundraising for building related issues rather than the exhibition programme.  Leasing the ground floor will make certain the programming gets the attention required. An announcement about how you can support the programme will be made soon.

The Trust has been generously supported by Tony Chamberlain in developing the strategic plan. Tony, who has generously provided his services to the Board on a pro bono basis, has a lot of practical knowledge
in assisting arts organisations.  His experience includes assisting the Adam Art Gallery in Wellington and
the Gertrude Contemporary in Melbourne, and holding the position of CFO at the Arts Centre in Melbourne
and CEO at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.



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This page is temporarily replacing the full COCA website and will provide periodic updates on the repair and restoration
of the gallery building.  The full website will resume operation when the gallery reopens. 


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